Get in the best shape of your life, and stay there.

Daily personal training with a human coach via text & app

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Daily Human Coaching

We keep you on track with daily checkins & unlimited on-demand support.

Ultra-Personalized Program

We continually optimize for your goals and preferences.

Maximum Convenience

Train when & where you want - we remove all barriers to your dreams.

How It Works


Team up to build a personalized exercise & nutrition plan

Tell us your loftiest aspirations in a survey & an optional intro video chat - we'll help you get there.


Complete your program with daily guidance from your coach

He or she shares workout routines & nutrition suggestions with step-by-step instruction. You ask any and all questions.


Accelerate progress with continuous tuning of your plan

We constantly improve your program as we learn what works and your preferences.


Real Results

"I lost 70 pounds (265 to 195) and am keeping it off with Kudos! My coach makes it fun and straightforward to stick to an awesome exercise and nutrition program that really works. I've discovered a passion for running and feel really confident in the gym for the first time in my life. My favorite workout is Upper Body plus Sprints!"

Insurance Executive, Atlanta, GA

"I recently got married and wanted to get in amazing shape, but I had the craziest work and travel schedule on earth. Nothing worked for me. But Kudos fits into my life and has helped me do things I never thought I could."

Musician, Nashville, TN

“I joined Kudos to get dramatically more fit. Over the past few months I went from being barely able to complete half a mile to completing a half MARATHON at an 11 minute pace. I simultaneously built muscle and massively improved my nutrition. I feel great!"

Product Manager, San Francisco, CA

“Kudos has given me the structure & accountability to see my goals through. I have lost 25 pounds & developed a new appreciation for weight lifting.”

Strategy Consultant, San Francisco, CA

“I thought it would take months to hit a 21 minute 5K – Kudos set me up for success & helped me hit it in 2 weeks!”

Graduate Student, Chicago, IL

“Kudos is great! The flexibility & customization helps me work out no matter where I am or how much time I have. The personal touch provides motivation & inspiration to stay on track. Kudos is a great service for people constantly on the go!”

Strategy Consultant, Atlanta, GA

*Results may vary. We help you hit your personal goals.

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Local Gym Trainer
Monthly Cost
Hand-crafted exercise & nutrition program made just for you
Daily guidance & accountability
On your schedule, anywhere
24/7 on demand coaches
7 Day Free Trial
High End Trainer
Local Gym Trainer
Monthly Cost
Hand-crafted exercise & nutrition program made just for you
Daily guidance & accountability
On your schedule, anywhere
24/7 on demand coaches
7 Day Free Trial
Start Your 7 Day Free Trial

Meet the Kudos team

John Gardner

Founder & Head Coach

John founded Kudos because he’s obsessed with helping people get in shape and because conventional fitness services are just too expensive, inconvenient, inflexible and ineffective. He’s a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and has been training folks for 10+ years. Prior to founding Kudos, he was a senior executive at BuildZoom, a home improvement marketplace, and an advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs as a Consultant at Bain & Company. He received his MBA from Dartmouth and BA from Columbia University. He loves working one on one with clients, leveraging technology to help them excel and bringing data driven decision making to bear in a market that is all too often full of hot air.

Anton Gilgur

Lead Engineer

Anton joined Kudos because he experienced first-hand the outsize impact fitness can have on peoples’ lives and is driven to help clients achieve incredible results. He has built his career working & leading engineering teams at various start-ups, starting a few of his own along the way. He serves as an advisor and consultant to many start-ups and is always looking to push people to new limits.  Anton holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.